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SEO 101: Content Silos. What is this, Farmville?

I’m taking a break from running the Diablo III beta into the ground (thanks again Kristi! Hope you liked your chocolate chip cheesecake!) to write a post for you that’s actually based on an original idea for once. There’s a

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YouTube Logo

Using YouTube for SEO and Branding- The Absolute Essentials

YouTube is a daunting proposition for a lot of businesses. Everyone has an idea that Google loves video; but how do you use YouTube effectively? While this article doesn’t address how to create content that will go viral, for example,

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New Facebook Profile Page

The New Facebook Profile Timeline Page- First Impressions

(note: normally, I blog about social media and digital marketing stuff either Wednesday or Thursday and either Saturday or Sunday but this was too juicy to wait, so byebye Friday night! Hope you enjoy it!)   So, I decided that

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SEO: On-Page Optimization- The Absolute Essentials

On-page optimization is something of a commodity in the SEO world. Everyone has their own way of doing on page optimization but at the end of the day it’s usually done according to an internal- and your agency or SEO

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google analytics

Value-Added SEO: Measuring User Engagement with Google Analytics

What do you do after the inital phase of an SEO campaign? Now that the site “has been SEO’d” in the client’s mind, how do you continue to add value to their campaign? By becoming a valuable partner, that’s how!

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SEM Rush data for Nike

A Basic Method for Keyword Research

SEOs like to play things close to the vest. There’s a pervasive feeling among them/us/me that if you give someone else the knowledge you possess and enable them to do something on their own, you become less valuable and so

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Bad Panda

Please Pause the Panicky Google Panda Pedantics!

Listen folks, I’ve got some bad news for some of you.  Despite what you’ve read, or heard, or been sold, or attempted to have been sold, there is no “recovering from Panda”.  I am tired of hearing about it, and

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