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What the Hell is the WWE’s Digital Marketing Strategy- and do they even need one?

I took the first break from posting that I’ve taken since starting the blog this past weekend, I have a lot of stuff to juggle and between stress at my day job, trying to get 2 independent ventures of my

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hello computer

Star Trek SEO and Our Connected Future

Bear with me today folks, this is gonna get pretty esoteric here; I’m about to do some near future prognostication and rely heavily on some sci-fi tropes you’re probably already marginally familiar with. I’ll be referencing anime too! The ubiquitous

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YouTube Logo

Using YouTube for SEO and Branding- The Absolute Essentials

YouTube is a daunting proposition for a lot of businesses. Everyone has an idea that Google loves video; but how do you use YouTube effectively? While this article doesn’t address how to create content that will go viral, for example,

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wwe night of champions

WWE Night of Champions 2011- Preview and Predictions

Time for another WWE Pay-Per-View! This time around it’s Night of Champions, where every belt is defended (there’s no Cody Rhodes match for the Intercontinenal Championship on the card as of the time of this writing but it’s fair to

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Which WWE Superstar Should You Root For?

Alternatively, you could skip this nonsense and just root for CM Punk like you should; thanks Gary Hagins for the suggestion!

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this is me

Fall 2011 Gaming Lineup- What’s Got YOU Excited?

I’ve always been a PC gamer, starting back in the early 80’s when my parents refused to get us a Nintendo yet we were allowed to have an Apple IIc, which, as everyone knows, is responsible for lots of people’s

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Summerslam 2011 Preview and Predictions

Live from Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, it’s SummerSlam! This show used to be one of the WWE’s “Big 4″ pay-per-views and I guess arguably it still is, however, SummerSlam has been pretty lackluster the past few years. I

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Bad Panda

Please Pause the Panicky Google Panda Pedantics!

Listen folks, I’ve got some bad news for some of you. ¬†Despite what you’ve read, or heard, or been sold, or attempted to have been sold, there is no “recovering from Panda”. ¬†I am tired of hearing about it, and

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Team Fortress 2 Medic

TF2 Medic Flowchart

I cannot believe how long it took to do this.

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Android Logo

These Apps Own Bones on Android Phones

I realized that I have quite a few apps on my phone now that I’ve had it for 6 months, and since a lot of people I know are getting new handsets I thought I’d do a quick rundown of

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