Digital Marketing

Are you marketing your business on the Internet? Whether you’ve got a service, retail, or any other kind of business, you need to be listed in search engines, and if you’re not on the front page when people search for what you’re selling from their desktop, and more importantly, their phone or tablet- you’re not going to win the customer’s business. But what kind of digital marketing is right for you?

Search Engine Optimization

Organic traffic is the most likely to convert, as the user was specifically seeking out what you have to offer. It’s also the most time consuming to obtain. Ensuring that the structure and UX of your site allow for easy access to both bots and Users acts as a force multiplier, ensuring that all of your efforts get the maximum exposure. SEO is a long term, blue-chip strategy but it’s absolutely essential for every business.

Pay Per Click

If you need the phones to ring today, it’s a simple matter of running Pay Per Click ads with Google, Yahoo/Bing, and even on Facebook. However, it’s easy to waste money on a poorly researched and executed PPC campaign or an agency that uses a one time “set it and forget it” approach to spending your marketing money. Both small and large budgets alike require the same amount of attention, and the content on your site is essential to the success of your PPC campaign as well.

Social Media

Is social media worth the time and money you have to spend on it to see an impact? It depends on your vertical, your brand, your customer base and the amount of time you’re willing to dedicate to what might seem like very little return in the beginning. Social Media marketing pays off, though, especially with the young, affluent demographic, who are more likely to trust a peer than an advertiser.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Once you have traffic on your site, are they converting? Are they pogo sticking back out to the SERP after they don’t get what they want? Are they visiting 10 pages without converting as a lead? Site design and User experience can be tweaked to ensure that your site is doing its job- which is to bring in leads and make you money.

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