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2 birds

Author Rank and Reputation Management- 2 Birds, 1 Stone

If you missed this post from Google search guy Matt Cutts last July; please take a moment to peruse before you continue reading. Now that Google+ is open to everybody and every brand, it should be pretty clear that social is going

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Fran Irwin Klout

How I got a 51 Klout Score Without Really Trying

I have a 51 Klout Score and I’m not really trying. Klout says that most scores are in the 20’s, that if you’re at 30 you are probably decent at social media, and that a score at 50 puts you in

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Klout© Perk Review- Subway© Oven Crisp© Chicken Sandwich

I get asked all the time “what the hell is KloutTM, anyway?”  My answer to lay people is “you hook up your social networks to it and by measuring the level of interaction you have on those networks, KloutTM assigns you a

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