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Star Trek SEO and Our Connected Future

Bear with me today folks, this is gonna get pretty esoteric here; I’m about to do some near future prognostication and rely heavily on some sci-fi tropes you’re probably already marginally familiar with. I’ll be referencing anime too! The ubiquitous

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Twitter, Buffer and Patterns of Attention

I’ve been a bad digital marketer, I must confess. Though I have been working on SEO initiatives for clients for nearly 4 years, I only recently started using Twitter to try to do some proactive reputation management, and ensure that

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I get kind of jaded surfing the web as much as I do; I mean I probably use Google Search 500+ times a day and I’ve seen the best and the worst of what the web has to offer. As

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In-House Dreaming- Ideal SEO in 40 Hours a Week

I’ve always been an agency SEO (as opposed to an in-house SEO, unless you count my own side projects for friends), but before I was an agency SEO I was a middle school teacher. Teaching is a job where you

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Using YouTube for SEO and Branding- The Absolute Essentials

YouTube is a daunting proposition for a lot of businesses. Everyone has an idea that Google loves video; but how do you use YouTube effectively? While this article doesn’t address how to create content that will go viral, for example,

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New Facebook Profile Page

The New Facebook Profile Timeline Page- First Impressions

(note: normally, I blog about social media and digital marketing stuff either Wednesday or Thursday and either Saturday or Sunday but this was too juicy to wait, so byebye Friday night! Hope you enjoy it!)   So, I decided that

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Klout© Perk Review- Subway© Oven Crisp© Chicken Sandwich

I get asked all the time “what the hell is KloutTM, anyway?”  My answer to lay people is “you hook up your social networks to it and by measuring the level of interaction you have on those networks, KloutTM assigns you a

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How to Leverage Google Reviews for Global Word of Mouth

Recently, a friend from high school posted on her Facebook page about a bad experience she’d had trying to buy a new car from a local dealership.  She also documented her process of trying to get her voice heard, which

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Internet

So, Friday night, I laid down and passed out at about 8 PM, intending to only take a short nap.  My wife came in and tried to wake me up but apparently that wasn’t gonna happen.  I’m even stubborn in

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Google +1 For Publishers- Nine Tips For An Easy Win!

Google +1, in conjunction with Google Plus, presents an interesting opportunity for publishers.  Direct social integration isn’t something the Big G has tried before (outside of the recently-expired deal with Twitter to show real-time results on the SERPS), but they

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