What Do You Do After the Onsite Optimization Phase of an SEO Initiative is done?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone in the US!

It’s kind of a weird animal, working at a marketing agency and focusing on organic search. You never get to 100% focus on optimizing the site because you’ll usually have the responsibility of maintaining the client relationship, as well. That leads to a situation where SEOs are usually on the phone with clients more often than they’d care to be. Listen, agency clients, it isn’t that we don’t like you, or we don’t want to talk to you, or we’re antisocial social-media denizens- it’s that every time we agree to a meeting, you want to change the strategy, or question the strategy, or add something in to the strategy or in some way just throw rocks at our head while we try to work. Don’t you remember that analysis we prepared, when we outlined the scope of at least the first 3 months’ work? Didn’t you agree that it was a solid plan? Don’t you trust us? Then why do you want to change or question the strategy?!?!

Generally, the first couple of months of an SEO campaign are a flurry of activity, with a lot of analysis, reporting, and paperwork in general frantically flying back and forth as your noble SEO tries to fix programming errors, add social media sharing options, and tune the site’s content and metadata to start accepting incoming link equity throughout the rest of the campaign.

Just because that avalanche of paper stops after the first month or three doesn’t mean the SEO’s work is over. On Page optimization is simply one piece of the puzzle, and the most labor intensive and VISIBLE piece of the puzzle. You might not think the Tweets we write every week are important, but we agonized over them, taking into account your brand’s presence on the web, upcoming marketing initiatves and best practices for increasing Twiiter click through rates, as well as the best time of day to post them to have the maximum impact on your account. Yes, it looks like I just tweaked the title of your article and added a few inline links- that’s what SEO is, that’s what you’re paying for! Just because whatever you sent me to review isn’t marked up with a quart of red ink (or red pixels, digitally) doesn’t mean I didn’t carefully review it! We are working, it’s just not as visible.

After the Onsite Optimization phase is finished, SEO campaigns need to start moving into maintenance mode. This should include:

  • Writing content for Social Media channels
  • Monitoring competition to see what they are doing and if it’s working or if it isn’t
  • Monitoring the site’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to make sure there’s nothing technically wrong with the site on a daily basis
  • Advising on Social Media contests on Twitter and Facebook
  • Providing ongoing management of Social Media presences
  • Ongoing outreach to influential bloggers for back link acquisition
  • Ongoing bulk directory submissions for back link acquisition

Surely you can see the value in all of that above and beyond a weekly phone call (which is never a good idea for an SEO campaign, by the way- things just don’t move that fast, something I wish my PPC brethren would try to understand better)!

Let your SEO work. Trust me, they are working!


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